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Matthias Marbes
Dragon Boat Coach

Matthias started his active paddling career in 2003 at the Köpenicker Canoeing Club (KKC) Berlin. Since 2012 the architect has been living in Zurich and has been paddling for the Dragon Boat Club Eglisau since then, where he has been working as head coach since 2015. As such, he has been instrumental in the success of the DBC Eglisau in recent years, winning three Swiss championships (2015/16/17) and four medals at the European Club Championships 2017 in France.

Matthias has been president of the SDBV since 2014. Following his successful participation in the 2015 World Cup in Canada, where he won two bronze medals, he also took over as national coach from Dominik Mäder.

In addition to the successful performance of the national team, his goal as SDBV president is to help dragon boating to become better known in Switzerland. Thus the press work was expanded at the beginning of 2017. Matthias is also committed to the promotion of youth and is currently in the process of building up a junior team within the DBC Eglisau

Stephi Meister
Dragon Boat Coach

Stephi discovered the dragon boat sport towards the end of her two-year study and work stay in Melbourne, Australia when she completed a trial training with the Melbourne Flames in September 2016. She was thrilled from the first moment on!

This was followed by an intensive paddling season with 6 training sessions a week and many national races. The highlight of her Australian paddling career was the Australia Championships where she competed for both the State of Victoria and the Melbourne Flames. The results were 4 gold medals, 4 silver and 1 bronze medal. She also won the Novice Female Paddler of the Year Award and the Melbourne Flames Coach's Award.

Barely a day back in Switzerland, Stephi attended her first training session with the DBCE Eglisau and was invited to join the squad of the national team one week later. There, shortly before the World Championships in China, she was appointed captain of the women's team and took her team to the 6th place at 500 meters.

 Since the 2018 season she is also co-trainer of the national team as well as the Dragon Boat Club Eglisau.

Her goal is to work with the DBCE as well as the national team over the next few years to build up the Swiss dragon boat sport and to transform it into one of the fastest growing water sports in Switzerland with major international successes.



Präsident: Thomas Niederhauser
Chüegass 2
8193 Eglisau
+41 76 311 05 20

Clubkoordinatorin Drachenbootrennen Eglisau: 

Ine Dubois & Corina Lempen
Buswart: Ralph Hangartner
Kleidung: Sven Zimmermann
Website: Maria Sigacheva

Outriggerwart: Tonino Aliprandi

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