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An Outrigger-Canoe (OC) is a canoe which, due to its construction, can only be moved safely on the water with an outrigger or float connected to the canoe with two (mostly wooden) cross braces (Iato or Iako).


The history of the outrigger canoe began about 5,000 years ago in the South China Sea. From there the settlement of more than 10,000 islands in the South Pacific Ocean started. The invention of the outrigger (Polynesian ama) made it possible to construct the hull (Wa'a) so narrow that considerable speeds could easily be reached with high stability. The outrigger canoe was the basis for colonizing the entire South Seas.


The modern boom canoe sport developed in French Polynesia (here they are called Va'a) and Hawaii, where in 1908 the Outrigger-Canoe and Surfboard Club, which still exists today, was founded.


On the occasion of the traditional cultural festival "Heiva", lagoon races were already held in Tahiti and the neighbouring Society Islands at the beginning of the 19th century. From there, the sport spread in its present form, across many Polynesian and Melanesian (especially Fiji and New Caledonia) islands, to America, Australia and Asia... and finally Europe.

We offer OC 1 and OC 6 outrigger training and equipment for our members.

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